Author L.J McBayne apart from being an amazing human and a fun-loving grandmother is a responsible sergeant. Right now, she is serving people by working for Miami-Dade Police Department.

Author L.J. McBayne is a woman of strength, power and virtue. She is a woman who knows no boundaries. She doesn’t like restricting herself to just one chosen profession which has led her to try her luck in all domains of life: from being a real estate investor back in 2004 to being a children book writer whenever she had free time on her watch. If anyone was to describe Author L.J. McBayne in one line, they would say: “She loves life dearly!”

Author L.J. McBayne’s writing journey started when she was pregnant with her son D’von in 1994. Like all parents, she too wanted to be the best mother to her son and provide him with the best of everything she could but more specifically providing her son with the best education was a priority for her. It was her son whose laudable interest and voracious appetite for reading lead her to writing stories; and eventually, making her an amazing children book writer that she is today.

Her commendable attention to detail and her commitment to making D’von’s future as bright as she could started soon after she read an article stating that a child’s learning capacity get developed in their first years of life. At first it was just flash cards but soon she realized that it wasn’t working out for her son; because it hardly took her son anytime to become accustomed to words so then she started writing stories from the words that her son had learnt.

Few years later, she was blessed with grandchildren who reignited that passion in her. She started again, now for her grandchildren. This time around she is writing children stories that are in line with the trends and interests of children of new age. She is excited and so are we to make those stories available here.
We hope that our readers enjoy this amazing initiative and inculcate the habit of reading in new generation. It is important that we teach our children the right values from childhood so that they can grow up to become responsible citizens.