About the author (Bio)

My profound gratitude goes to my first son, D’Von Edwards whose voracious appetite for reading gave birth to the author I am today. Being pregnant with D’Von in 1994 brought me joy, and my greatest desire was to become the best parent I could by giving him a sound educational background.

My interest was drawn to an article I stumbled upon which addressed the fact that a child’s learning capacity is largely developed in their first five years. When my son became a year old, I went to work on him by developing word flash cards. And it intrigued me to observed his interest, excitement, and attentiveness to these words which he was very quick to grasp.

I got inspired to do more, and started creating short stories from words he had learned. However, keeping up with this became difficult at a time since he learned fast. So this forced me to get him ‘Hooked on Phonics’ which was a great help in furthering his education.

24 years after these practices with my son, I was blessed with grandchildren. This blessing reignited the fire in me, and I started doing for them the same thing I did with my son. At this stage, the productivity of this practice started hitting me with the idea to reach out more by publishing my stories. And that gave birth to my story titled, “Say Something Sammy, Say Something and Say Something Ana!”.

I attended Hampton University from 1987-1991 and majored in business management. Currently, I am a sergeant in the Miami-Dade Police Department, and have worked there ever since 1994. But in 2004, I became a real estate investor, and by 2007, I had obtained my realtor license. During my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, traveling and having lots of fun with my family.