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Author L.J McBayne to Launch a New Story Concerning Kids, Say Something Sammy, Say Something.

Florida, USA – Author L.J McBayne schedules to release her new book – Say Something Sammy, Say Something on September 26, 2018.

Author L.J McBayne is the one who always examines the children who suffered loneliness when they are stuck in the problematic situation, and why it is necessary to share those problems with Mom & Dad to help them get rid of those issues. Say something Sammy, say something will surely encourage those children to discuss the issues with their parents or any adult they can trust.

She was inspired by helping kids to gain a love for reading books which also helps them to become successful academically. She believes that if something that is written is interesting, they will eventually read more, and it will increase their reading skills.

What inspired her greatly was her son, as children learning capacity is primarily developed in their first five years. She started teaching her son with word flash card, and he was grasping those words quickly. She then began making stories out those words he learned, and he was learning fast. Then, she practiced for 24 years writing books which hit an idea of publishing her book. And that gave birth to her new book name, “Say Something Sammy, Say Something!”

A beautifully illustrated story of a kid named Sammy, who loves to talk, laugh and play with his dog named Spark! But one day, he walks into his home looking sad. Despite all his parent’s efforts to cheer him up; Sammy remains silent, sad and burst into tears. By creating an illustrated story and characters that your child can relate to. This book will teach the lesson of why it is essential to share problems with parents.

You can purchase Say Something Sammy, Say Something on the official websites: and all major bookstores.

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