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Say Something Sammy, Say Something: Kids Bedtime Stories (Dog Storybook with Lesson)




A Beautifully Illustrated & Easy-To-Read Book For Kids To Teach Them Why They Must Always Communicate Their Concerns With Mom & Dad!

Meet Sammy, a happy kid who loves to talk, laugh, and play with his dog Spark! He is always vibrant, happy, and ever ready to smile. When he walks into his home looking  very sad; his mom knows that something is terribly wrong.

Despite all her efforts to cheer him up and get him to share his troubles with her; Sammy remains silent, sad, and burst into tears.

Why is Sammy so upset? What has Sammy got on his mind? How can his mom and dad help him when they can’t discover what’s wrong because Sammy won’t speak?

By creating an illustrated story, and characters that your child can relate to, and using it as an example. This book instills the lesson of why sharing concerns, and problems with parents is very important.

Just click “Buy Now” and help your child learn a valuable lesson the easy way!

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52 reviews for Say Something Sammy, Say Something: Kids Bedtime Stories (Dog Storybook with Lesson)

  1. Marculs Rita

    This is such an interesting read, I’m glad I found this book for my kids. I love the storyline, it’s quite inspirational… Kudos to the writer

  2. Barry

    This an easy to read books for all kids, this book actually teach kids on how to communicate with their parents. I love this book so much.

  3. Annette Jenkins

    After reading this book to my kids, I can say my kids have learnt valuable lessons. Great job

  4. Samuelson

    This is a beautiful illustrated story, and characters that any child can relate to. This book teaches kids to always share their problems with their parents. This book is so fantastic

  5. Tania Tanya

    This is a well written story, i highly recommend this book to every parents out there.

  6. Sandra Breed

    A great book that teaches children to take their parents as confidants and open up in any situation it may. Sammy say something is really an amazing book that every kid must read. Every page is quite captivating and easy to understand to any age. I love reading it to my kids.

  7. Brighton

    This is an educating story that I will recommend to every parents to read for their kids every night. I sincerely love the storyline, it teaches kids to confides in their parents. Well done to the writer

  8. Hannah

    Tosin Silverdam’s review Sep 26, 2018 · edit
    it was amazing

    This is quite motivational, a great read and a wonderful bedtime story for kids. There is a lot to learn from this book which really is what I want in kid’s books.

  9. Melvin Hayes

    A beautiful illustrated book that every parent should endeavour to get for their children. It is highly educative and also teaches children to open up to their parents on any disturbing issue giving them concern. I enjoyed reading every chapter to my children in order to correct them on their thinking perspective that we parents are their comforters.

  10. Judy

    Your book is really awesome. My daughters really enjoy the message in your book.
    To never be afraid to share any concern with your parents.

  11. JW

    I am a mother, grandmother, teacher, and pastor.
    This is a great picture book for children.
    The theme of the book is amazing.
    The important of sharing concern with parents.
    I highly recommend.

  12. John Alfred

    This author never seems to amaze me. This book passed a great message to children to always share whatever is bothering them to their parents. Grab this book and thank me later.

  13. George Abosede

    I am so happy I got this book for my children to read. It will really change their thinking and make them talk to me concerning any troubles they make be going through. I am glad a got a book passing such a great message.

  14. Jennifer Brooke

    This book is really educative and very teaches children to be able to confide in their parents no matter the difficult situation a child finds his /herself. Parents serve as a guide to their kids. This book has lots of lessons to teach.

  15. Paul

    This is a great dog story book for kids. I read this story to my kids every night!
    Highly recommend!

  16. Hebrew Queen

    This is a fantastic dog story book with major lesson .

    I honestly recommend this book to parents with kids age 2-10.

  17. Danny

    Wonderful children story book. The illustrations are vibrant and friendly.
    Recommend to all parent with kids under 12 year old.

  18. Shelly

    Amazing story about the importance communication among parents and kids.
    My kids can’t wait to hear the audio book of Say Something Sammy, Say Something .

    Highly recommend.

  19. Frank

    My favorite dog story book for my kids, Say Something Sammy, Say Something.

    Great job.

    Highly recommend.

  20. Stanley

    I read this short story book to my class and the kids really love it!

    5 stars!

  21. Jill

    Bedtime story:
    I have read many books to my kids, but Say Something Sammy, Say Something is first class form all the other book.

    Awesome book!

  22. BROWN

    This book is an excellent kids bedtime story.


    Say Something Sammy, Say Something is an incredible dog story books.

  24. LOTA

    This book is a master piece!

    I love this book for my kids, funny bedtime stories.

  25. LEEYAH

    Amazing children short stories!

  26. JONES

    Lovely picture books for children!

  27. MOORES

    Extraordinary early readers book! That is why I purchase it for my Sons!

    Very satisfy!

  28. ROSE

    This is a great early reader chapter books!

  29. Matt

    I like this dog story kids book.

  30. VONISE

    I and the kids love your dog bedtime story for children.

  31. JACKIE

    This is an amazing dog story book for children.

  32. MELLY

    I love this dog bedtime story for my kids.

  33. MEL

    This is a wonderful kids bedtime stories.

  34. JD

    I like this early reader chapter books.

  35. SHAN

    This is a great kids dog books.

  36. KP

    This is an amazing short bedtime stories.

  37. Dr. Broads

    Little Johnny loves to read Say Something Sammy, Say Something every night. I highly recommend.


    The publisher always produce great books. I love the cover.

  39. Mrs Franks

    Great author and amazing publisher Destra World Books Publishing.

  40. KINNIE

    This is a funny books for kids. My kids are waiting for your next book.

  41. QUITA

    I think this bedtime book for kids appears to be very special. Love it.

  42. NANCY

    Great Kids Book!

  43. RICK


  44. Mills

    Beautiful cover!

  45. Jia

    Really awesome!

  46. J.J

    Great book.

  47. Carrie

    Perfect holiday gift.

  48. Ronnie

    Amazing book.

  49. Mrs. Harris

    Best kids dog book in the world.
    All my kids think so.

  50. Joy

    Love this book

  51. Tee-Tee

    Lovely cover and message

  52. Cee-Cee

    Top notch!

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